Retirees at Oakmont of Valencia Having Wine
Retirement happens for almost every senior at some point in their lives. More and more retired seniors find themselves living at a retirement community and enjoying the amenities that are provided to them. However, did you know that the first retirement community wasn’t operational until around 60 years ago? Retirement communities have come a long way since then. More and more seniors are looking to improve their standard of living through high-end retirement communities that provide luxury and convenience. Let’s take a look at how retirement communities have changed and why seniors love it.
Communities Provide Educational Services
Many seniors still wish to participate in activities that challenge them. Fortunately, many retirement communities like Oakmont of Valencia are beginning to implement stimulating learning activities in their communities to help keep seniors active and engaged. Residents will have the ability to learn about subjects that they have always been interested in before they retired. Some examples include painting, yoga, fitness, and other arts and crafts. Educational events are a fantastic way to keep seniors engaged and active within the community. What’s even better is the fact that educational activities are group orientated and will allow for even more social bonding time between residents.
More Restaurant-Style Dining Options
Residents of many retirement communities are served food by the kitchen staff that works at the care center in a cafeteria style setting. However, luxury retirement communities like Oakmont have pioneered fine dining options that include restaurants, bistros, and even outdoor dining options to keep residents excited about each meal. The variety of dining options creates dining options that are similar to a cruise ship. No matter where residents decide to dine,  the food will be great, and the variety of locations help to keep things interesting.
Wellness Programs
There are dozens of wellness programs that have been developed for seniors over the past 40 years. These programs are designed to keep seniors active whenever they are taking advantage of all that a luxury retirement community has to offer. Fortunately, these wellness programs that have been developed have helped improve seniors’ overall health and quality of life. Fitness instructors have been known to provide classes for seniors that emphasize the importance of social group activities. At Oakmont of Valencia, our health & fitness programs are second to none. We have a full community calendar dedicated to keeping our residents mentally and physically engaged.
Choosing The Perfect Retirement Community For Your Loved Ones
We genuinely care about our residents here at Oakmont of Valencia. Our mission is to provide them with the highest quality of amenities and services that they can experience at a retirement community. We have continued to innovate and improve our services over the years and will always keep providing new ways to help your loved one enjoy their golden years.